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Chile Online Population Forecast 2023-28

Chile boasts an impressive internet penetration rate. In 2023 nearly 90.8% (18.0 million) of Chile's population was connected

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Chile boasts an impressive internet penetration rate. In 2023 nearly 90.8% (18.0 million) of Chile's population was connected, reflecting a slight increase from 2023.

This growth is likely due to continued infrastructure development and increasing affordability. While social media use dipped slightly in 2024 compared to 2023 (15.2 million users in 2024), it remains a dominant online activity, with nearly 77% of the population engaging on these platforms.

This highlights the importance of social media for communication and content consumption in Chile. Interestingly, despite a high social media presence, Chile's mobile internet connection speeds are lower compared to some other countries in the region.

The median mobile speed in early 2024 was 34.77 Mbps, which could be a factor influencing how Chileans access and consume online content. Looking ahead to 2028, Chile's digital landscape is expected to show continued growth, albeit at a slightly slower pace. The population is projected to reach 20.9 million by 2028, with an estimated 19.1 million internet users.

This translates to an online penetration rate of around 90.8%. Additionally, the average daily internet usage time in Chile is quite high, clocking in at 8 hours and 31 minutes in early 2024. This suggests a population comfortable spending a considerable amount of time online, potentially browsing and purchasing products from e-commerce platforms. 

Overall, Chile's digital landscape is on a positive trajectory. Continued investment in infrastructure and affordability initiatives will likely lead to a more connected population.

Online population. Total number of individuals or users who have access to the internet and regularly use it for various purposes, such as communication, information gathering, entertainment, shopping, and more (at least once in a month)
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Release Date: April 2024
Region: Chile
Time Period: 2009 to 2028
Author: Datum Research Team
Source: Datum Global Online Population Forecast 2023-28
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