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PVR Launches Subscription Plan

PVR INOX Passport is a monthly subscription service that will cost Rs 699 per month.

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PVR Cinemas, one of India's largest multiplex chains, recently announced the launch of a new subscription plan called PVR INOX Passport. This move seems to be part of a larger trend of movie theaters embracing subscription models to drive loyalty and consistent revenue.

So what exactly is PVR INOX Passport and why has PVR decided to jump on the subscription bandwagon? Here are some of the key details and benefits of the new PVR subscription plan:

What is PVR INOX Passport?

PVR INOX Passport is a monthly subscription service that will cost Rs 699 per month.

    • Watch 10 movies per month (Get 10 tickets per month upto INR 350)
    • Applicable on Monday to Thursday all shows
    • One ticket per day

Benefits for Customers

For avid moviegoers, the PVR Movie Club offers tremendous value. At just Rs 699 per month, watching 3 movies already recovers the subscription cost.

The subscription plan encourages customers to watch more movies without worrying about ticket prices. This levels out the cost of movie-going rather than paying full prices each time.

PVR is also offering subscribers the ability to reserve seats online or via an app to make last-minute plans easier. Overall, PVR Passport provides flexibility, convenience, and savings for regular moviegoers.

Why Did PVR Launch Passport?

For PVR Cinemas, the subscription plan offers both benefits and risks. On the positive side, it could help:

  • Drive customer loyalty and increase retention by offering a discounted service to regular patrons
  • Increase concession spending by getting subscribers to visit more often
  • Generate consistent cash flow and revenue predictability from the recurring subscription fees
  • Gain data and insights about customer preferences from the subscribership base

However, there are also risks, including:

  • Potentially reduced revenue if Passport subscribers pay less than they would have for individual tickets
  • Increased costs to service subscribers with seat reservations and process monthly payments
  • Possibility of misuse through password sharing or fraudulent subscriptions

Overall, the subscription plan is a smart experiment for PVR to cater to changing consumer preferences. It mirrors the shift seen in other industries such as retail, software, entertainment to subscription models. For nimble movie-goers, PVR Movie Club offers a great deal. For PVR, it provides a new lever to engage their customer base.