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BPC Market to Reach $30 billion by 2026

Given its population India has become a key market for global beauty brands.

Photo by Jessica Johnston / Unsplash

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The beauty and cosmetics market, in India is predicted to grow reaching a value of $30 billion by 2026. This reflects an increase from its size of $17 billion in 2021. The growth is driven by factors such as the rising incomes of Indias class, the increasing investment in personal grooming and the changing attitudes towards beauty products.

The popularity of e commerce and the influence of media have also contributed to the growth with an annual category growth rate exceeding 10%. Within this market haircare is expected to be a leading sub segment due to the demand for products with ingredients. Both mass brands and premium cosmetics will drive sales in both areas and rural regions of India. Given its population India has become a market, for global beauty brands. Many multinational companies are customizing their products and marketing strategies to cater specifically to consumers. With prospects India stands out as an attractive opportunity for cosmetics companies looking to expand into emerging markets.