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Beyond Dubai: Indians Answer Baku's Call to New Horizons

Indian travellers seeking natural beauty, history, culture, cuisine and offbeat experiences beyond regular tourist circuits are exploring beyond Dubai

Photo by Maanoj Ramchandani / Unsplash

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Baku, the cosmopolitan capital of Azerbaijan, has emerged as a hot new destination for Indian travelers in recent years. Drawn by Baku's unique blend of ancient architecture, modern skyscrapers, diverse cuisine and thriving arts scene, more Indians are hopping on direct flights to explore this Eurasian gem. Baku's panoramic city sights, heritage sites like the Maiden Tower, eclectic mix of eastern and western influences, adventure options like skiing and hiking, along with the hospitable Azerbaijani culture, hold great appeal for Indian tourists.

  • In 2017, Azerbaijan introduced an e-visa system - ASAN - that issues visas in just 3 days. This made visiting far easier for Indian tourists.
  • The impact was huge. Indian tourist arrivals skyrocketed to 160,000 by 2019 after the e-visa system launched.
  • Direct flights from India, Indian-friendly hotels & restaurants added to Azerbaijan's appeal. The country emerged as a hot destination for Indian travellers.
  • After the slowdown due to Covid-19, Indians are again travelling to Azerbaijan to explore beyond Dubai

With improved visa access, Indian-friendly amenities, and Azerbaijan tourism promoting the country, Baku is attracting Indian millennials, families and adventurers alike for an immersive cross-cultural experience. Baku offers the ideal stopover for Indians taking the less-trodden route to Europe.